add tags to wordpress titles using shortcodes

GDPR compliance solution perfect for WordPress:

So… there has been a lot of fuss about this new GDPR regulation that the European Union issued. Needless to say that it came into full effect on the 25th of May 2018 and many WordPress website owners are still not sure what’s it all about, how it applies to them and what are the […]

How to get a digital signature with

For those businesses out there that need to have an legally binding order process, we developed a WordPress Plugin that works nicely with WooCommerce. What it does is it adds a signature pad to your WooCommerce Checkout Page where your customers can sign their order before placing it. This may come in handy! […]

WordPress Theme design tips

design ALL the pages of your website – do not leave anything open to interpretation; design User Experience actions as well, such as pop-ups when certain actions are performed; if you are going to use Premium Theme, be sure to follow its existing structure as much as possible when designing. Straying away too much from […]

Adding HTML tags to WordPress post titles

So, here is a little snippet of code that would allow you to add any HTML tag to your WordPress post titles as you see fit. Useful for when you need to have a bolded word or line break at a specific place in the text. Step 1: create your shortcode. Here are a few […]