How to get a digital signature with

For those businesses out there that need to have an legally binding order process, we developed a WordPress Plugin that works nicely with WooCommerce. What it does is it adds a signature pad to your WooCommerce Checkout Page where your customers can sign their order before placing it. This may come in handy if by your country jurisdiction, the simple Agree to Terms and Conditions checkbox may not be enough.


The plugin is built of the jSignature.js jQuery plugin and uses the jSignature_Tools_Base30 php helper in the backend in order to handle the SVG export of the signature. It will also replace jQuery with jQuery v2.1.3 on the page that it is called.

WooCommerce Order Signature Plugin
WooCommerce Order Signature added to the WooCommerce Checkout Page
WooCommerce Order Signature WordPress Plugin
WooCommerce Order Signature displayed on the View Order page.
WooCommerce Order Signature on Dashboard Order Page
WooCommerce Order Signature on Dashboard Order Page

It plays nicely with the on a WordPress and WooCommerce Themes with the following configurations:

Minimum WordPress Environment Requirements

WC Version: 2.6.13
WP Version: 4.7.4
jQuery Version: 2.1.3

Server Environment

Server Info: Apache
PHP Version: 5.6.30
PHP Post Max Size: 100 MB
PHP Time Limit: 30
PHP Max Input Vars: 1000